About Us

What is Minakami TV?

inakami TV is presented by Minakami-machi to offer captivating, informative look at the city.

The enchanting appeal of Minakami-machi can be best represented through video images.
This is why we have elected to use state-of-the art high-definition video equipment to film the real Minakami-machi, and for the same reason, we use as few artificial editing techniques as possible.

Each traveler has his or her own purpose and plan. Likewise, each of our viewers has a special interest.
Our films can be viewed either as useful information for traveling or as incentive to pique one’s own interest in traveling. It can be viewed also for personal reminiscences of the wonderful travel some of the viewers have already had. Who knows, some of the scenes may remind some viewers of their own home as well.
Our aim is to create images that can give viewers a liberating experience and to make them feel like they are already traveling. Even if they have no immediate plans to travel, they may enjoy our films all the same.

Please visit us if you find our videos enticing. Minakami-machi will welcome you with open arms and hearts …and the warmest, widest of smiles.

Minakami-machi Tourism Division

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