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Welcome to Minakami! Highlights once published

Tomio Umezawa will travel through Minakami


Exist in your heart

Flowers bloom in the Minakami

Four seasons of Minakami

Shrines and Temples of Minakami

Japanese pampas grass grassland

Teriha Valley in Autumn

The landscape of the autumn in Minakami-machi


Mikuni-Mountain pass

Scenery digest of the Cherry blossoms

The coming of spring

Steam Locomotive D51 498

It is viewing the moon in Tsukiyono The 6th Shigetsu-ka…

Ichinokurasawa in Autumn

Tsukiyono - An Evening of Fireflies

Fantastic Landscapes of Tanada Are A Must See"Rice Plan…

Taiwan International Educational Tours

Video Summary "Scenery of the Four Seasons "

Presentation of Minakami-machi by the Mayor. English te…