Location Report

"Tanigawadake" (Mt. "Tanigawadake")

"1: Adverse Weather Conditions"
An October day

It was bad weather in Minakami-machi. The weather was predicted to be even worse in Tanigawadake but our film crew headed off to the Tenjindaira station by ropeway trolley. The mountains of Tenjindaira were already ablaze with fall colours of the leaves. However, those colours could be observed only on sunshiny days. It was a foggy day and the view was all misty around us… almost dream-like.

Our objective was to film the sunrise and sea of clouds from atop Mt. Tanigawadake. The film crew started climbing up the mountain amid the rain and mist. They were very careful, focusing on each step, since the trail up the mountain was not visible.
The weather got even worse as they approached the mountain peak. It was a three hour journey to get to the mountain cabin, during which the film crew didn’t have a chance to use their filming equipment once. Due to the severe rainstorm, the film crew had to remain in the cabin for the rest of the day. All we could do was to wish for the weather to improve for the following day.

Day 2. Early morning.

Unfortunately, the weather had not improved much overnight. It was still misty and rainy. However, the film crew decided to set up the camera near the mountaintop after the breakfast. We all prayed to the mountain gods for better weather. (There was a small shrine near the mountaintop.)
Then it happened! There was a moment where the autumn leaves of the mountains were clearly visible and we successfully captured it. We hope you will enjoy the precious 15 second footage that we got from the two-day shooting spree!

"2: Clear and Sunny Weather"
A November day

This time around, the weather was all clear and sunny “with vengeance.”
Again, it took three hours to climb to the mountaintop but this time, the strikingly beautiful sceneries were all visible around us.
However, as we approached the mountaintop, there were snowy slopes which brought a sense of tension among the film crew who were carrying state-of-the-art equipment.
It was quite amazing to see a “different season” atop the mountain.
Our aim was to film sea of clouds from atop Mt. Tanigawadake but the weather was so clear that no clouds were availbale to film.
Life is no bed of roses …and the mountain gods are no Santa Clauses. Winter is on its way here at Tanigawadake.
Enjoy the magnificent, sweeping landscapes that we filmed at the altitude of 1,997 meters, atop Mt. Tanigawadake!

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